Prince Armory Custom Creations

Prince Armory is the premier source for unique custom leather armor, elaborate costumes, props, accessories and general leather products, and much more. We create original works and replicas for anime, sci-fi, and fantasy conventions, renaissance fesivals, LARP combatants, and for theater and film.  

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Interested in a custom project? Browse our site and gallery to learn more about our services and and past works. And when you are ready, take a look at the "Commissions" link for information about starting a project as well as a simple form to help get things rolling.



  • Lion Armor
  • Archangel Helmet
  • Croco Trench Coat
  • Custom Admiral Hat
  • Female Dragon Armor
  • Custom Fixed Blade

Past Works Links:
Medieval Batman

Medieval Joker
Prince Armory is dedicated to providing the most original designs coupled with the highest quality craftsmanship for armor, weapons, costumes, props, accessories and general leather goods.

Custom Services:
  • Leather Armor – We can design and create anything from a simple leather bracer to a head to toe custom full suit of armor.
  • Weapons - Swords, daggers, knives, axes, maces, flails, spears, halberds and any exotic and fantasy weapons using any array of fine metals and materials.
  • Costumes - One of a kind costumes, or a replicas of popular film, game, and animation character outfit. Or as a supplement to acustom armor suit.
  • Accessories and Miscellaneous - Headbands, collars, bracelets, punk, goth, steampunk, belts, bags, pouches, wallets, purses and more, you name it, we can make it.
  • Wood works - Wood work can also be done such as display stands, wall hangers, custom boxes for your knife or sword, and even full sized wood and glass display cases for suits of armor.
  • Props and More- We are equipped to tackle a variety of tasks so if you have an interesting and artistic project in mind, please run it by us.
  • Metal Armor - We can work with various metals and can using mondern and historic techniques to create your tailor fit custom suit of metal armor.

We primarily create elaborate custom fantasy Leather Armor. We also create many types of weaponry; swords, daggers, knives, battle axes, and maces just to name a few. Plus tailored clothing, medieval or renaissance, medieval, Victorian, fantasy or other styles. Custom leather coats or other leather clothing. Full costumes of any medium. And any number of accessories such as belts, pouches, baldrics, frogs or weapon holders, headbands, leather cuffs, leather book covers, and more. Even bags, leather wall art, drink holders, luggage, chests, custom props, and custom armor and weapon display stands or cases. All of these things can be custom made by hand just for you as simple or as elaborate as you can imagine.


If you are interested in acquiring a custom masterpiece of your own, please be sure to contact us prior to when you need the items. Smaller items can sometimes be worked in and sent out sooner in some cases.  If you  do need a rushed order, just check with us and we'll let you know if it is possible.