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Elven Knight

This hero suit was seen all over the world in the Samsung Smart TV ad campaign, even in theaters and super bowl ads at the time. It is an original design by Prince Armory developed based on discussions and feedback from our client. It is entirely leather with metal hardware. The production time on this piece was barely a few weeks.

Dark Avenger III Warrior

This hero suit was crafted for a video game commercial featuring armor from a character in the game. The production time for this piece was also very short.

Cinderella on Broadway Tour

Prince Armory was tasked to create the hero suit for the Prince as well as many of the costume armor pieces for the supporting ensemble for the theatrical performance of Cinderella on Broadway.  

Manowar Stage Costumes

Joey from the EPIC heavy metal band Manowar required some leather vests and bracers to complete their stage performance wardrobe.  The design features a hybrid of tooled designs for the chest and bracers and garment leather everywhere else.  Each band mate had their own similar unique variation.

Madonna & Quavo Eurovision Performance

Prince Armory was approached by celebrity stylist Zoe Costello to make some arm armor pieces for Madonna & Quavo’s Performance for Eurovision.

And Many More…

Prince Armory has been conscripted to craft many pieces for commercial productions.  Performances and clients include Narnia, Prince Caspian, Six Flags Entertainment, Saturday Night Live, Magic the Gathering, Siteline Productions, Madagascar, and numerous indie theatrical endeavors, music performances, and other exhibitions.

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