About Prince Armory

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About Prince Armory

Prince Armory is a design and fabrication studio in the Houston, Texas area creating highly ornate hero suits and other artistic creations.  We offer custom armor, personalized costume and prop designs for film, television, theatrical productions, cosplay, larp and serious collectors.

What We Make

Our best-known creations are custom leather armor designs and medieval superhero spin-offs, but we also offer fine handcrafted weapons, props, costumes, and other leather items on a case by case basis.  All creations are made per a limited custom commission basis and we do not have items available for sale or rental. 

The Academy

In 2019, the Prince Armory Academy was created to begin teaching our craft to aspiring leather workers, cosplayers, and armor makers.  We offer tutorials, armor templates and other patterns, and premium courses that will reveal the secrets of leather crafting and armor making.  Learn how to build your own armor and accessories!

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge fantasy into reality.

Every custom project is designed and crafted to captivate our clients and their audiences.

Our passion is in creating artistry capable of eliciting that ‘Wow Factor’ and it is our great pleasure when they attend an event wearing our creation and can no longer move forward due to the crowds of photo takers and onlookers.

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Prince Armory was founded in 2007 by design lead Samuel Lee with the vision of crafting extravagant works of fantastical wearable art.


It all started in a small back yard shop and with help from great friends, employees and wonderful clients all over the world who trusted us with their visions – our portfolio has swelled over the years.


Our work has been featured in major commercial and theatrical productions with clients such as Samsung, Manowar, Cinderella on Broadway, Dark Avengers 3, Madonna, Quavo, Six Flags, Saturday Night Live, and more.

Our projects for private clients frequently go viral online with great acclaim, such as our fantasy superhero spin-off designs which are always a hit at Renaissance Festivals & Comic Conventions.

We have been featured in numerous traditional publications and in countless online articles and blogs.

What others are saying about Samuel:

Custom Services Overview

We offer design and fabrication services to individuals, film productions, private collectors and more. We work closely with every client to realize their dreams and goals, whether you are a film producer needing an epic hero suit or a private client looking for that rock star experience at the next comic convention. Prince Armory will design and craft a highly specialized and focused end product to achieve the goals of each client.

Hero Armor Design for Film, Theater, & Entertainment

We understand the telling of a story thorough costume design. We can work with you from specifications or start from scratch to conceptualize a design for your unique characters and then bring them to life.

Epic Fantasy Medieval Armor Spin-offs

Prince Armory is known world-wide for our epic medieval leather armor spin-offs. Re-imainge iconic heroes and villains as knights, mercenaries, or lords of royal lineages in a fantasy medieval universe.

Original Custom Armor Creations

Let us conceive an entirely unique vision to become your new alter ego for Combat groups, Renaissance Festivals, and Comic Cons. Based in fantasy, grounded with history, our wearable metal and leather armor creations are as functional as they are beautiful.

Renaissance & Fantasy Medieval Weddings

Let us make that special day something that is truly out of this world. We can create fantasy, medieval, renaissance, sci-fi, steampunk, or any other themed full ensembles of custom armor or other garments. We can create designs for both the bride and groom as well as your cast of merry men and bride’s maids. Ready for your wedding in Middle Earth? Or how about Asgard? There are no limits.

Professional Cosplay Armor and Replicas

Do you have an anime or game character you want to step out of the screen? Are you ready to graduate from mass produced Halloween costume aisles? Do you have a complicated design you can’t find anywhere else? Your search ends here.

Costumes, Wardrobe, Leather Garments & Fabric Creations

Soft leather apparel items and garments for medieval, renaissance, medieval, and even mainstream fashion. We can create coats, jackets, vests, clothing, tunics, capes and more. Typically these projects are supplemental to larger armor projects but for garment projects of considerable detail we can do standalone projects.

One-On-One Consultation

We will listen to your thoughts, needs, goals, and preferences and will offer design recommendations and ideas to lay the foundation of the most perfect solution tailored to you. With very little input we can dream up something amazing that is sure to exceed your expectations.