Terms of Services

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Terms of Service

This is a plain language outline of our basic terms and conditions regarding our custom services.


All of Prince Armory custom creations are warrantied for life against any breakage or workmanship defects. This means if it breaks we will fix it for free. You may drop your item off to our crew at any of our events or ship it back to us any time. Shipping fees may apply.

Wait Time

It is impossible to list a general (and accurate) time estimate here. There are many factors that act upon this variable including season, events lineup, number of employees, and of course the active queue. We do not have a hard cap on active projects but when our queue become elevated often we only accept the projects that interest us the most. At the time of your inquiry regarding your project please ask us and we will give you an estimate to the best of our ability. If you have never ordered custom work before please be aware that quality work does take time and we tailor craft each project specifically for each client, one at a time.

Order Hierarchy and Priority System

The general rule is first come first serve with limited exceptions. This means that once you place a deposit for an order you are entered into our active queue at the end of the line, and the next person behind you, and so on. It must be noted however that this is not absolute; there are instances where exceptions may apply so ultimately we reserve the right to construct our work flow time line as we see most fit.

There may be times where we decide to expedite some of the smaller projects quickly to help manage the queue size, and times where we need to lump similar projects together for efficiency, or times where we are waiting for back ordered supplies and any other possible delay or setback. Just please understand it is our sincere desire to complete all works as fairly and expediently as possible and everything ALWAYS gets done.

Rush order service

This premium supplemental service makes it possible to expedite a project. This option is limited and discussed on a case by case basis. It calls upon us to pull overtime on nights and weekends so as to not substantially delay all currently queued projects and it does come at additional cost. This is mostly reserved for high profile projects such as for film/tv/theater, etc.

Terms of Payment

Payment methods are typically discussed during the order process. Given the 1on1 nature of our relationships we can work with you to accept whatever is most comfortable for you. We do generally prefer PayPal payments which are sent to Sales@PrinceArmory.com.


Estimates are given after discussing a project. Quotes for custom services are valid for 30 days, beyond such time the project should be discussed and quoted again.

Shipping and Delivery

We do require payment in full before shipping an order out. Once the project is complete we often use USPS or UPS for shipments. This is suitable for the majority of all projects including large full suit projects. The very large unusual projects we will crate (at cost) and contract a freight service at the client’s preference, or defer to uship for sourcing a private carrier. Handling fees may apply in rare instances.

Refunds/Canceling Custom Orders

Given the nature of custom orders, we cannot offer refunds or cancellations.Any active commission should be considered an agreement for both the client and Prince Armory with the client’s obligation to fulfill payments as outlined in our verbal exchange while discussing the project, and our obligation to deliver a spectacular end result worth of the quality standards we have set. If there is a reason we cannot fulfill project parameters a refund will be given at that time. We go to great lengths to accommodate payments and budgets of every sort but we do not allow for early termination nor refunds. We have an excellent track record with our clients and issues are very rare and when they arise we always to our best to resolve the matter to the client’s utmost satisfaction. We understand and believe that we’re nothing without the support of our clients and our image is paramount to us.


If you are in the state of Texas, USA we are required to collect state sales tax on your order.

International Shipping & Duties

We have shipped all over the world without issue. We are aware that there are isolated instances in countries with limitations on imports relating to animal based products which is applicable on any leather based product. This is not the norm for most countries but please look into your country’s rules and regulations before placing your order.
If you are overseas you should be aware of your country’s customs & duties procedures before placing an order with us.