2017 – A new year, a new site!

Hello everyone, Samuel here.  I wanted to talk about the latest website updates for PrinceArmory.com.

Here are the highlights:

  • About Page – Total revision with lots of new content.  
  • Portfolio Page – Brand new page with tons of content.  While this isn’t a true portfolio it does give a great overview of our work and design philosophies.
  • Galleries Page – New style! Over the coming months over a decade of past projects will be added here.
  • Custom Order Page – Total revision with more concise and relevant information.
  • Payment Gateway – That’s right, now my clients have a super convenient way to make payments however they wish.
  • Request Quote Page – Improved form with ability to drag and drop image attachments.
  • New Host – I migrated to the absolute best and fastest host I could find, set up a CDN, optimized images, and spent a small fortune on back end tools and plugins.



Still to come (for the site):

  • Gallery population… Soo…. much…. content….
  • Private Members/Patreon Area with awesome new content for our fabulous super fans and supporters.
  • Expanded services pages.
  • Misc site optimization and final polish.
  • Media & Press Page.
  • New Measurement Guide and convenient on-page form to submit measurements directly.
  • Project Brief Page for new clients to send their relevant project info.

The goal for updating the site is of course in part to be more presentable to potential clients but also to improve and increase the content we’re sharing with the public.  I know a lot of people look to my designs and our works here at Prince Armory for reference and inspiration. And instead of begrudging that fact, I embrace it – so long as you fine folks who do make use of this content do NOT directly copy it.  Much of my upcoming efforts on the site will be in helping new armor makers and leather workers come up with and create their own designs and armor.  

As always, a lot of amazing armor projects are in the works and you’ll want to be a fan of our Facebook page to see updates along the way for those.



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Verne Kinyon
February 4, 2017
Your leather armor is amazing and I would love to place an order! But my question is how functional is against weapons? I am in the military and would love to have some extra padding not to mention look awesome!

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