Testimonial – Barbarian Armor

It’s been ten years now but I still remember when Bobby, who had just returned from Afghanistan, came to me and asked us to make him and his lady a set of themed barbarian armor.  Most of my clients interact online, distances are great between my shop and my clients, but these clients were not very far away and they wanted to visit.  So we discussed their goals and crafting commenced on their custom armor project.  


All this time later and they’re still rocking their fantasy armor creations.  He contacted me recently and let me to say, “Hey Samuel, i just wanted to let you know that my wife and i won season passes for next years TRF because we had the best barbarian costumes. Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on our outfits!!!!” That’s great news!  Congratulations, and have fun! 


Thank’s for your support and your service, Bobby.

My wife and I found Prince Armory online. When we decided to get matching armors made we sought out Prince Armory for their attention to detail and their willingness to work with us no matter what our budget was and how we wanted the armor to look. Once the armor arrived, my wife and I were absolutely amazed! It was everything we could have ever dreamed for! The quality of the armor won us first place for, “Best Barbarian Costumes” at a renaissance festival that we frequent. We constantly get stopped for pictures and people asking, “Where we had our armor made”, and we both always refer them to Prince Armory. 

Bobby Phillips
Barbarian Armors

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