The Significance of Game of Thrones Costumes

The Significance of Game of Thrones Costumes 1

Our custom armory creates many different hand crafted professional costumes, which is displayed in both film and stage productions. However, if you have a passion for cosplay, we can create a unique custom cosplay costume for you. We take pride in the artistry that goes into each handcrafted leather armor design that we make. When you think of custom body armor and custom leather armor, what comes to mind? Featured in fantasy movies and tv shows, perhaps the most famous example of high quality costumes could be in your favorite program on TV. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of Game of Thrones. Today, we would like to discuss some interesting facts about the show’s costumes.

The Costume Designers

Game of Thrones features two different costume designers, Michele Clapton and April Ferry. Both costume designers are considered the cream of the crop, with an impressive collection of awards including multiple Emmys. For the first five seasons and part of season 6, Michele Clapton designed the costumes for the show. When Clapton left for the remainder of the season, April Ferry took over the design department. However, season 7 will feature Clapton as the head costume designer once again.

The Importance of Color Palettes

Color palettes represent significance in the character development and plot. As the characters personally evolve, their costumes change as well. Color ties in with the house sigils for different families such as the Lannisters, with their red and gold sigil. Different colors represent not only family alliances, but also each character’s relationship to growth and power.

Cersei Lannister

The Significance of Game of Thrones Costumes 2Perhaps one of the most interesting character developments on the show is the evolution of Cersei Lannister. Initially, Cersei held little power as King Robert Baratheon’s wife. After her hated husband’s death, she slowly grew more powerful throughout the show as her family members died off. Cersei began wearing red more frequently, which reflects her position of power and her ties to the Lannister sigil.
By the end of the sixth season, Cersei assumes a rather harsh appearance after she has lost her last child. By this time, Cersei represents the ultimate villain, killing off her enemies and hundreds of innocent bystanders to become Queen. Her black robe takes on a severe, masculine appearance, which signifies Cersei’s quest for power at any cost. Her dress closely resembles the attire of her father Tywin, who also stopped at nothing to gain power. Still in mourning for her children, Cersei replaces her colorful dresses with black.

Sansa Stark

The evolution of Sansa Stark as a spoiled teenage princess to a cunning survivor is highlighted in her appearance. In the beginning of the show, she wanted so badly to marry into the Lannister family. In the first season, she styles her hair and her dress similar to Cersei Lannister until she begins distrusting the family. As the season progresses and Sansa experiences countless traumatic experiences, her entire appearance changes. By the time she arrives back to her home, her hair and clothes darken to reflect her maturation. By the end of season six, she wears mostly black, as she is also in mourning for most of her family.

The Armor

Each piece of armor on the show is handmade and very time consuming to create. The knights and soldiers must look authentic in the wear and tear of their armor. In order to achieve a worn appearance, the armor is beaten and distressed by hand. With armor in almost every other scene, one can only imagine the manpower that goes into creating and distressing each individual piece of armor.

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