Imperial Armories Kickstarter Update Jan 2016

Update 2017 – It was decided to go a slightly different direction and use Patreon as a fundraising platform. 

Kickstarter will still be a platform we explore when the time comes to relaunch Imperial Armories or if we require a surge of fundraising for something but that is all dependent upon so many external factors a timeline cannot be estimated at this time.


This is an update for anyone wondering what’s going on with the Imperial Armories Kickstarter mentioned about a year ago. We have every intention of going through with it but it has been pushed back indefinitely until the Imperial Armories side of things reaches a point where we’re all fully ready to pull the trigger on it and make something big of it. Not the least of which this includes building a new shop and relocating and other such fun things. At best we’re looking at Feb or March of ’16, but it may take as long as till this time next year in Jan of ’17.

And there is even a chance we will just organically phase in our plans for the Kickstarter into our normal operations bit by bit. After all they are all part of our greater plans anyway so either way it will all get done eventually.