Video – Sketching the upcoming helmet pattern.

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In this video I’m gonna be sketching and talking about a leather helmet pattern I hope to make available in the next couple of weeks. I just wanted to drop a little intro here to let you know that there’s gonna be a little background noise. I’m not sure if it’s a river dancing conga line or the roofers doing some repair. Sounds about the same either way. You’ve been warned.

Hey everybody, so I’m going to do a quick sketch here to work out a design for the next pattern. I’ve gone through a few ideas and I want to come up with something that’s going to be approachable, maybe not as elaborate, definitely not as elaborate as some of my custom stuff. ‘Cause I don’t want it to put people off. I just want it to appeal to a pretty broad audience and still be interesting. Now there’s a number of different ways I can do this and I’m not really gonna overthink it either, ’cause there’s always the next pattern and the next one and the next one if this does well. So what I’m thinking is probably a fantasy helmet and what I’ve got in mind is something that the majority of people with a quick trip to Tandy or your local leather supplier can just pick up the materials and make it without a whole lot of skill required. The tutorial will provide everything they’ll need to just make it. And what I have in mind, let’s say this is the helmet, general outline. I would have one panel over here. And some divided sections. Make it even. And that way for assembly you would have, layer here, layer here. You would have these easy to make little panels, little sections. And you could rivet ’em, so this would be on top and these would fit underneath. This one would overlap that one and so one. And as far as making it a little bit more interesting, I could probably have it to where, I mean there’s no reason I couldn’t have it to where the pattern had several conversions. So one version could have maybe a more spiky sort of design if they want to cut it out like that. I can design some sort of face plate. We could either do like a mask style that would sit underneath here. You could have a couple snaps or just say like a full face plate that kind of comes up here. And of course there’s any number of things that can be done to embellish it. We’ll probably keep it basic for this first one. But the tooling, we can do something interesting, little bit interesting. But as with all things there’s a million ways to go about doing something like this. In the future I can do five and six part helmet or patterns which is, you can either have it to where, a section here, section here and a section here. And this one will be a five-part and then here too you can easily add a faceplate, that will change the shape of the eyes. You can add a trim piece. The difference between the five and six-piece core is a six-piece has just one more section and it’s split right in the middle and this one gonna be at like a crest or something that you’re gonna embellish the top of the helmet with. If you’ve seen my other helmets, I’m sure you’ve seen some crazy stuff that goes out all over the place. But it usually starts with some sort of basic helmet core. There’s a thousand different ways to do it, there’s several different types that I kind of default to. They’re a little bit different each time. But, that’s the gist of it. Now in the future, we can look at doing all sorts of stuff. I’ll be taking requests. But I’m pretty sure something like a set of shoulders would be good and we can do something with a little bit of shape on them. Maybe a little bit of a lip here. And I think that would be a pretty popular sort of design as long as I can make it approachable and easy enough to make. Which I think I can. As far as affixing it, probably have some sort of across the chest strap buckle here. Probably go with a smaller buckle than this, but you could do a larger buckle. And a design like this would be a great starting point for anybody wanting to start making some sort of an armor costume for themselves or something to role play in. And then it’s really not too hard from here to fill the space with some sort of interesting detail throughout. I can come up with maybe a few designs that people could just test out see see which one they like, apply it to their own whatever they’re making.

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for watching. I’m just now getting started with creating video content. I’ve definitely got a long way to go. I don’t even have my intro or outro and I’m just now learning video editing and I still gotta figure out my camera settings and lighting set up, the angles that I want to film, just all these little things that I hope will improve as I go along. ‘Cause I really do want the production value of the video content that I’m putting out to reflect the same level of care and attention to detail that I put into my other art. So I hope that you will consider joining me on this journey and I will definitely be receptive to any and all feedback, good or bad, just let me know in the comments below. And if you find any value in this videos or the future videos it will help me out if you drop a like or subscribe or share and that will go a long way to helping this platform grow and help me create more content going forward.