Website Updates 2016

Our website was down temporarily while the upgraded hosting finished migration. There will be some bugs to work out due to some incompatibilities with the new platform and existing design but instead of up to 30-90 second load times and time-outs it will be about 1 second. Quite an improvement.

Turns out all this time Godaddy had us on a 15 year old server that couldn’t handle the site. After forking over some cash for an upgrade now we’re on a managed hosting solution which is highly optimized for the site and very fast. There’s no contest at all compared to the old server.

Bear with me as I debug the home page, I know the gallery and parallax effects are broken now. I also need to finish fleshing out the galleries and blog skin. I’m doing the web updates as I have time between custom projects so it may take time. I also want to go back and do write ups on my major projects and get ready to start offering tutorials and such. Historically I’ve done web updates about once a year but I’m trying to get the website to where it can be called ‘done’ and update the blog regularly and just push the blog posts to Facebook and other social media outlets.